After an absence of 2 years due to Covid 19, we are back on June 1st stronger than ever.  As of April 19th, 2022 we expect a very "normal" late spring and continued drop in pandemic nervousness, so our outdoor event should be among the safest options anywhere.  Our experienced Staff and Crew include local Events Professionals who have worked on various, similar event properties even in the darkest periods of the pandemic, with severe, strict restrictions and those events went off without a hiccup.  Everyone should expect a safe, fun, easy going atmosphere and at the moment we are not asking for vaccine passports or vaccination receipts although everyone on our team is fully vaccinated and boosted.  We are aware that the crisis has impacted many people physically and mentally, so feel free to come and spend a relaxed, in-person moment with us. Run, Walk, enjoy the after party and remember what it felt like in 2019.