How to get there?


We'll be back at Ontario Place for the 5th straight year and fest and there are 4000+ parking spaces in this area,  you can park (paid) right here by Lot 2, enter off Lakeshore onto Ontario Place Blvd.  You can probably write this expense off correct?   Car Pool and strategize on the way over.  Company budgets tight?  Park cheaper in nearby Liberty Village and use the 2km walk over as your warm up!


Really?  Just imagine your evening….a pleasant ride over, no car fumes, music plays from the on-board DJ to get you Pumped Up!   Afterwards, a Party Site awaits as you celebrate with colleagues and enjoy beautiful views of the Toronto Harbour by night.  Since we're down by the Lake....why not?   Board one of the many and varied sizes of Boats on the Toronto Waterfront in Queen's Quay.



Conveniently at Exhibition Place, the Go Train has an exit here and the walk is less than a mile, the perfect warm up or chance to finish that proposal due last week.



That’s right, with over 20 access points to consider, you might want to book ahead and paddle over from the folks at Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre, either solo in a kayak or a FUN, 18-person canoe!  Approx. 3.5 km’s paddle scoot right by the Porter ferries (look both ways).



Are you from a Regional office maybe in Ottawa, Montreal, North Bay or even Chicago, New York or Boston.

Consider that the Porter Island Airport is a mere 750 metres (swim) or an $8 cab ride away… So if you are just coming back from a business trip there are no excuses!


Seriously… you could swim here but we advise against it.


Yes, from the downtown core it’s just 3.5 km’s, a perfect warm up, tell the boss you are leaving early, take those dress shoes off too.  Liberty Village is also just 2km’s away, so you can take the King Streetcar, exit at Atlantic Avenue and walk over.


If demand requires this we will take pre-bookings for a Shuttle Bus that can leave the Financial District at 5:15 pm and return everyone for 10pm, how’s that for convenience?



Best option is the Bathurst Street Car that drops you off 1.5km’s away.  Why isn't the TTC bringing a team?!


Did we mention that there is a Marina here, at Ontario Place?   We know some of your CEO’s own boats… so now is the time to ask the Boss, “Can we have your boat tonight”?    Lots of private mooring options available, just make sure the Captain knows how to get you here on time!