Start Time YOUR WAY in 2020!  

Starting September 15th and "running" through to the end of October, you and your teams can choose from one of two great, cost-effective options to continue bringing wellness, team building and fitness to your workplace.

Option #1:

As always and popular in the past, the 100% Virtual Run/Walk choice allows anyone, anywhere, anytime to run/walk on their own before work, at lunch or afterwork.  In 2020 that means maybe in your pyjamas.....):

This virtual option also includes a four person team where you can each run on your own but combine your four-person times to see how you compare to last year or against other teams within your company or against your rivals.    Read more here:



For Past Memories see below:

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Click Here for Past Videos






100% traffic free running and walking.  See our Course Preview Video below here of the scenery, lots of boats, birds and low lying planes to enjoy while you pass your Boss....


















The Toronto Corporate Run/Walk is actually a REAL race! We recognize the hard work that goes into training and running your guts out in an accurate, chip timed 5km run.   So we encourage those fast runners and race walkers who want to see how their competitive times stack up from a year ago or a recent 5km race you ran elsewhere.   BUT all runners and walkers who cross the finish line receive an accurate finishing time that gets stored permanently on Road Race

We also want to Award those Fast Teams who want the hardware to bring back to the office, so our format follows the Global Corporate Race Format of Four-Person teams, all-Male, all-female or Mixed.  YOU MUST show proof if asked that you work for the company, and that you are not a friend who happens to be fast......trickery or slight of hand will not be tolerated and you can risk a full team DNF.

Changes can be made at the very last moment by going to the on-site Timing Company booth just in case a fast member of your team suffers a late injury and/or gets called away on business.  There is no fee to make these changes, ideally you email this to us ahead of time.

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