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(C.F.O. - C.T.O. - C.L.O. - C.I.O. - Senior Directors, Board Members....people who wear suits, jackets and ties way too much!  Our criteria is your improved muscles!)

Law Firms - Senior Partner
Tech Firms - maybe a General Manager of Canada
Solo Preneurs - YOU!

Do you want to show more unique Leadership at your company?  Outside the boardroom and hallways? 
The Toronto Corporate Run/Walk CEO Challenge might be for you.  Here are the simple criteria:

- you MUST finish the 5k, running, walking, even crawling!
- you must either raise $1500 personally or your team must raise $5000 collectively for either CAMH or your own cause
- your team MUST be wearing matching shirts during the event

CONGRATS to our all of our WINNERS in this new and expanding category.  

2023 - Dean Jenkins from 711 Canada broke a new Team Record as this small but mighty group raised over $13,000 for the Daily Bread Food Bank

2022 - Jeffrey Remedios from Universal Music Canada is our BIG winner this time around, personally raising $11,702.52.

In 2017 Julie Ruben Rodney of Max people HR led the way with over $2900 raised and her team raised $6014 in total, so she met two of the key criteria.

Honorable mention went to;

Jordan Rodney of Rodney Employment Law.  
Robyn Bigue of Sir Harry Films

In 2018 Deborah Gillis from CAMH led the way in her first ever "official" 5k run and she beat 40% of the overall participants.  Her team of staff also helped raise over $1200 in total, so she met two of the key criteria.

Honarable mention went to:

Robert Wagner - the LCBO
Robert Mongeau - Canadian Tire

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