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Lunch and Learn with Good Times Running

The Good Times Running team and the Toronto Corporate Run presented by Sport Chek also do lessons in your office now to give you tips for your next 5K run.
Watch our new lunch and learn video!

5km Learn to Run Tips and Training Schedule

This program is for you if you’d like to get into a more active lifestyle, but don’t currently exercise.  If you’re not sure you’re able to run, this is for you – it’s a very gentle introduction to jogging and running. It’s designed to allow you to repeat any of the weeks as often as you need to until you feel ready to move up to the next week’s training. Its also called the Couch to 5km program, but you can substitute Desk or Boardroom table!

Each session should take about 20 or 30 minutes, three times a week. That just happens to be the same amount of moderate exercise recommended by numerous studies for optimum fitness. This program will get you fit. 

Be sure to space out these three days throughout the week to give yourself a chance to rest and recover between efforts. And don't worry about how fast you're going. Running faster can wait until your bones are stronger and your body is fitter. For now focus on gradually increasing the time or distance you run.












These are by no means expert tips that you think will get you to the Olympics......just good, proven advice that is widely available.  Please consult your physician if you want to really, really be sure you can run or walk (fast) a 5km!

We can only be responsible for the FUN you will have at our event.  You can of course visit any Running Room and sign up for a clinic or buy a great book.  In Downtown Toronto also consider Black Toe Running, MEC on King Street or the Runner's Shop

(stores) for advice, equipment and gear. 

NOTES on the ABOVE Training Plan:

This is just a guide, feel free to adjust based on your schedule, if you have a lot of energy on Mondays, by all means use it!

Try to avoid overuse, training while tired or run down OR you risk getting injured or sick....listen to your body as they say!

The whole point here is to try to be CONSISTENT, each week, and when you see REST it can also mean Cross Train (swim, long brisk walks, cycle)

You may surprise yourself and you might progress faster through these weeks, so feel free to step it up and consult a coach or friend with experience to maybe set yourself a TIME GOAL in your 5km

Drink WATER all the time through these weeks, try to eat better, get extra sleep as these accumulated km's can take a toll when combined with an already BUSY lifestyle

The WHOLE POINT of this plan is to be HEALTHIER and FITTER and training for a first 5km RUN should not stress you out!


DON'T be too hard on yourself, some weeks may be better than planned and you might sneak out an extra run, while some days you are better off taking a REST day if you did not sleep well, worked late on some deadlines or had other life distractions

TRY your best to make up the workout on the very next day, you will feel better about this rather than beating yourself up!

BEFORE you even finish this plan, if it's going well....pick your next 10km race in 3 months and BOOK it!  (

REWARD yourself along the might deserve that 2nd helping of ice cream on Sunday nite IF you look back on a better than average week of training, BUT skip the dessert if you don't feel you deserve it!

MOST importantly....have FUN, enjoy nature, try different routes, avoid always running on a sidewalk (its 20x harder than on black pavement)

WEAR bright clothing or carry a light if you workout EARLY or LATE when the sun is not shining

BUY a good pair of shoes, get some technical running clothing to avoid CHAFING (uggh) and buy / rent some helpful running and fitness books for advice, inspiration, education  (we have many for sale too, email us) or go to

FIND a friend to join you, you WILL be more committed and less likely to bail on a workout if your BUDDY is waiting at the coffee shop or gym for you

MAKE a plan, schedule your activities, BLOCK out time in your day for exercise and fitness, treat this like a WORK project where you are the BOSS for a change

There are 24hrs in a day...aside from working, eating, sleeping, spending time with family......SPEND time with yourself too!

MAKE a GOAL that clearly outlines your end game best-case results scenario.....WHY are you doing this?   How will you feel when you take a few extra pounds off?  WHAT will you do with all this amazing energy? WHAT will you do with all those larger sized clothes you no longer need?


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